6 Best Mobile App Builder in 2020

6 Best Mobile App Builder

We have made a list of Best Mobile App builders together. You can create an Android or iOS app for free or sometimes you need to pay. Now, you will find a lot of free app maker online, but not everyone is best for making an Android app.

So, here we have put together a complete 10 Best Mobile App Builder. We used all of these app builders to build an App. After using these app makers we made a list of the best mobile app builders.

Best Mobile App Builder list

Here we have added the best android and iOS app builder. You can make awesome Android apps for free but if you want to create an iOS app, you have to pay for that. However, choose the best platform below and start creating apps.

1. Appy Pie – Best iOS App Builder

Appy Pie App Builder - iOS
Appy Pie – App Builder

The Appy Pie is the fastest growing app-building platform. It is popular for an authentic number of unique features offered. With Appy Pie, you can add in-app purchases, ads, upload eBooks and other content. You can also connect databases, social media, messaging app, etc. There is a rick base of tutorial about making an app, so the customers of Appy Pie, do not stick with any feature or have any trouble to install any particular component.

Apart from this, they have responsive live chat support for their customers. It has a drag-drop interface, which enables [peoples with no coding skills to build their business apps. The pricing of Appy Pie is quite affordable and perfect for the startup, small to medium business, and entrepreneurs businesses.

2. GoodBarber – Android and iOS App Builder

GoodBarber - Visual App Maker
GoodBarber – App Builder

The GoodBarber mobile app builder platform has some impressive themes. It is also known for its advanced features like social networking, geofencing, chat, iBeacons, and many more! If you want to create an Android app you have to pay $32 per month, if you want both Android and iOS you have to pay $96 every month.

Goodbarber also offers competitive pricing for native apps. The also offers some add on features like chat, push notifications, etc. But it has a lack of online stores, but you can still use third party online stores like Amazon, Shopify, etc.

3. BuildFire

BuildFire - App Creator
BuildFire – App Maker

It is one of the most reliable platforms of App Maker. BuildFire app maker shows that they are leading platforms in the industry, that offers accelerated app development! They offer a free plan and a premium plan, which is available for $49 per month.

The combined power of an easy dashboard and admin control panel eases out the full method of releasing updates. The platform is especially popular among the purchasers thank to the benefit of use, prompt reconfigurability, and also the huge extent of customization of the app. it’s attainable to make changes to the app on the fly and even take a look at these changes to go into real-time.

4. Thunkable – Drag & Drop Cross-Platform Builder

App Maker Free, Best Free App Builder, Mobile App Builders
Thunkable – App Maker

The builder will let you build your own app by dragging and dropping your favorite components in the builder. And will let you connect them together. On Thunkable mobile app builder, every project of app you create works with both Android and iOS.

It has existing sample apps, you can customize it from their gallery. They also have responsive live-chat support, you can ask them anything about building an app. They have both free and premium plans.

5. Kodular – Best Android App Builder


This is one of the best Android app builders. It works with drag & drop features. You can make amazing android apps for free using this app builder. All the components of this builder are easy to use. We recommend you using this app builder.

It is free to use, you don’t have to pay any money to use a good component. However, Just visit that website and log in using your Google account or create an account using your email. You are all set to create your beautiful android app for free.

6. iBuildApp – Cross-Platform App Builder

App Maker Free, Best Free App Builder

Now, this is an impressive platform! The Singapore based app building platform has also two million apps built. They claim that they can build an app in less than 20 minutes. iBuildApp has a free plan, which can be turned into $2 per month. It also have a yearly plan which is $99 per month for both iOS and Android.

They have a large number of building blocks for apps and have options to tweak the design of the app. It may have some great app building blocks and features but it is in need of a major design recast.


You can choose one of these Mobile App Builders. Before taking the premium plan you should check out their free trial.

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