Airtel Internet Offer 2020 BD: Latest Airtel internet offers & packs!

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Airtel is one of the popular telecommunication company in Bangladesh. They always bring exciting new Airtel Internet Offer 2020 for their customers. In this post, we are going to list all of the Airtel Internet Offers one by one.

Airtel Internet Offer 2020 BD

Check out all of the Airtel Internet Offer 2020 BD listed here below. In September 2020, Airtel is offering these packages to their customers! You should check out the list to know all of the available offers in 2020 from the Airtel telecommunication company.

Airtel Internet Package

Note: You can’t purchase these offers by recharging!

BundlesActivation CodeValidityPrice
30 MB*121*781#2 Days10 Taka
45 MB*121*782#1 Day10 Taka
100 MB*121*640#2 Days15 Taka
100 MB*121*771#7 Days20 Taka
150 MB*121*027#7 Days22 Taka
200 MB*121*250#3 Days25 Taka
250 MB*121*5003#7 Days50 Taka
1 GB*121*089#7 Days73 Taka
1 GB*121*151#14 Days127 Taka
1 GB*121*209#28 Days172 Taka
1 GB + 512 MB (FB, Watsapp, Viver, IMO)*123*089#7 Days89 Taka
2 GB*121*129#7 Days106 Taka
2 GB*123*038#3 Days38 Taka
2 GB*121*298#28 Days245 Taka
3 GB*121*398#28 Days327 Taka
2.5 GB + 1.5 GB (Bonus)*121*5020#28 Days350 Taka
4.5 GB*121*498#28 Days409 Taka
3 GB + 2 GB (Bonus)*121*5025#28 Days450 Taka
3 GB*123*129#10 Days129 Taka
4 GB*21291*99#30 Days99 Taka
5 GB*121*711#28 Days650 Taka
8 GB*121*5040#28 Days950 Taka
1.5 GB + 60 minutes talktime (Bonus)*123*098#7 Days98 Taka
2 GB*21291*50#7 Days50 Taka
10 GB*21291*209#30 Days209 Taka
30 GB*21291*333#30 Days333 Taka

Airtel Internet Offer 2020: 1GB Data Packs

Now, we are going to share some of the 1GB internet data packs offered by Airtel in 2020. Still, you can purchase these packs in September 2020. Let’s check these offers below.

  1. 1GB@18TK: This offer will be valid for 3 days after the purchase; to avail this offer dial *21291*018#.
  2. 1GB@17TK: Recharge 17 Taka to get a 1GB Airtel internet pack for 3 days.
  3. 1GB@21TK: Dial *21291*021# to get 1GB data for 5 days. Charge: 21 Taka.
  4. 1GB 4G@22TK: To avail of this offer, dial *123*022#. The pack will be valid for 3 days and 4G users only. It will cost you 22 Taka.
  5. 1GB@29TK: Get 1GB Airtel data pack only at 29 Taka for 3 days. To purchase this pack, simply dial *123*029*2#, or recharge 29 Taka (bKash included).
  6. 1GB@49TK: Get 1GB internet pack only at 49 Taka with a validity of 30 days, dial * code.

These are available Airtel Internet Offer 2020 BD. We will list the latest internet pack offered by Airtel Bangladesh on this post. So, you should stay connected with us to get the latest data pack.

Airtel Recharge Internet Offer BD 2020

At this place, you are going to learn about the latest Airtel Recharge Internet Offer BD 2020. You only just need to recharge your SIM with a specified amount of money to activate these offers.

BundlesRecharge AmountValidity
50 MB34 Taka7 Days
60 MB17 Taka3 Days
150 MB27 Taka7 Days
500 MB88 Taka7 Days
1 GB + 512 MB Social media pack89 Taka7 Days
1.5 GB209 Taka28 Days
2 GB38 Taka3 Days
3 GB129 Taka10 Days
3 GB298 Taka28 Days
3 GB (2 GB 3G + 1 GB 4G)38 Taka7 Days
4 GB398 Taka28 Days
4 GB + 150 minutes talktime148 Taka30 Days
5 GB498 Taka28 Days
5 GB (3 GB + 2 GB Bonus)517 Taka28 Days
6 GB863 Taka90 Days

Airtel Social Bundles

BundlesActivation CodeValidityPrice
4 MB (FB)*121*92#1 Day2 Taka
50 MB (FB)*121*90#2 Days5 Taka
100 MB (FB)*121*126#7 Days35 Taka
120 MB (FB)*121*91#3 Days10 Taka
250 MB (FB)*121*125#15 Days80 Taka
500 MB (FB)*121*124#30 Days150 Taka
1 GB (FB) + 200 MB (Bonus)Recharge: 12 Taka30 Days12 Taka
75 MB (Video Pack)*121*641#2 Days10 Taka
400 MB (Video Pack)*121*642#7 Days50 Taka
1 GB MB (Video Pack)*121*643#30 Days130 Taka

Airtel Internet Balance Check

Dial to the listed USSD codes to Airtel Internet Balance Check.

  • USSD Code Internet Pack: *778*555#
  • Recharge Internet Pack: *3# or *778*4# or *778*41#
  • Social Internet Pack: *778*38#

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