COD Mobile Mod APK Download v1.0.17 (Unlimited CP, Credits)

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You can download the COD Mobile Mod APK here! We all know Call of Duty is a desktop game, and its first release was in 2003. It was made based on the view of Worl War II. At this time, they have several games with the franchise of Call of Duty, the most popular games of COD are Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

Now, they have developed a game, especially for mobile. It is now available for Android and iOS both platforms. the game was announced in March 2019 and released in September 2019. As soon as the game released, players around the world started installing the game, and Call of Duty got about 10 million downloads in a few weeks.

So, there are millions of players looking for the Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK online. Here we have shared the modded version of the game for free. you can easily download the COD Mobile Mod APK, OBB, and Data from our website.

What is Call of Duty Mod APK?

Call of Duty Mod APK Download

Call of Duty is an online multiplayer battle royale game. Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK is a head to head multiplayer game. It has several classic maps and modes in the game. In the battle royale mode, 100 players join the match, and they kill each other to survive till the end.

In the original version of the game, you are not allowed to do several things in the game. Also, you are limited to everything, including ammo, health, CP, and other things. The game is built using the Unreal Engine, the same engine used in PUBG Mobile.

In the COD Mobile Mod APK, you are allowed to do anything you want. You will get unlimited ammo in the match, unlimited health, no recoil, wallhack included, and many more. So, download the Call of Duty Mod APK from our website to do everything you dreamed about.

Call of Duty Mobile Release Date

Call of Duty Mobile release date is September 30, 2019. The game was announced officially on the month of March 2019. On the same day, the game was released for the Android and iOS platforms. COD Mobile Mod APK download link is shared on this post!

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK Features

Now, you should learn about the features of this COD Mobile Mod APK game. Because it has sop many features and all of them listed here. So, read these features to learn more about hose features and what to do with it.


CODM Mod APK Aimbot

You cannot disagree that aiming is the main thing in the game. Because if you want to kill an enemy then you have to aim your gun to it. In Call of Duty Mobile original version, you have to aim it manually.

But in the mod version of this game, you don’t have to aim your gun to the enemy. Because aimbot will help you aim the gun automatically to the enemy. So, you can easily kill an enemy and it will increase the chance to headshot.

In the COD Mobile Mod APK, when you will use the aimbot, it is very risky because it is an extreme hack. The developers may easily spot you as a hacker and they will ban you as soon as they spot. So, using it at the last of a match is wise.

Unlimited Ammo

COD Mobile Mod APK Unlimited Ammo

Having infinite ammo is the best thing I can ever imagine. Because, if you have unlimited ammo, then you don’t have to loot any ammo in the game, it will make the game easy for you. And you can kill an entire squad without fear of ending the ammo in the middle of a battle with the enemy.

This COD Mobile Mod APK is safe, but don’t use it every time. If players can’t spot you they will not report to your profile and the developer may not ban your account. But using cheat still a bad idea in the games like Call of Duty.

With this hack, the ammo count will change to an infinite symbol in the game, which will indicate unlimited ammo. If you fire bullet it will be the same as before, no bullet will lose.

No Reload

Call of Duty Mod APK No reload

Did you ever imagine that you don’t have to reload in the game? Sure, you didn’t. Because on the original version of the game it is impossible. But in this COD Mobile Mod APK, it is possible. That means you don’t have to relead if your mag is empty.

It will make it easier for you to kill an enemy. Because you don’t have to reload, so there is no way your gun will stop firing until your ammo finished. With the unlimited ammo mod, it is the best combination. These two features cannot be spotted easily.

Wall Hack


This feature allows players to see through a wall. If an enemy hiding behind the wall, you can your enemy easily through the wall and can kill it. Having this mod, there no chance someone can kill you.

However, if you download this COD Mobile Mod APK you will be able to use this feature. First of all, you have to download the mod apk from our website and install it, so you will be able to play it with this mod. Wallhacks are VAC, Radar hack, and many more hacks.

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Health

This is the most interesting feature added in the COD Mobile Mod APK. Because with unlimited health, you do anything in a match. That means you are unstoppable and one can kill you. So, you will be playing like a God in the game.

If enemies fire on you, it will not decrease your health, it will remain the same. Also, you don’t have to loot the medic kits and other similar things. And also, you don’t have to hide when fighting enemies.

COD Mobile Mod APK Download

The COD PC game is now available for Android and iOS both platforms. But here we have shared the Android mod version if you want the iOS version then search for it online.

In this mod version, you can do a lot of things, all the features of the modded version of COD Mobile are described below. So, download the game now from our website to experience those features.

Before you download it you should check out the features of this game below. We recommend you not play the mod version of the game because it can cause an ID ban. If your ID is banned no one can do nothing about it. Because you hacked the game.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK
App NameCall of Duty Mobile Mod APK
App + OBB Size1.91 GB
Current Versionv1.0.17
Official Website
Offered byActivision Publishing, Inc.
Offer from our WebsiteCOD Mobile Redeem Codes
You must check it out!PUBG Mobile Mod APK

You should download the COD Mobile Mod APK from our website only to get the secure version. It is risky to install and play the mod version of the game. Because it may cause the ID ban, you can use a VPN and guest account to overcome this issue.

COD Mobile Official Trailer

How to Install Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK?

Here we have shared how to install the COD Mobile Mod APK on our website. So, follow all the instructions given here below to install it easily. If you know, how to install it, then you don’t have to read this section.

  • Download the game from our website.
  • Extract the zip/ rar file using an app from Play Store.
  • Install the APK file, but you have to allow installing apps from unknown sources in the settings.
  • Now, copy the OBB file with the folder.
  • Paste it in Storage > Android > obb folder.
  • Finally, run and play the game.

That’s all you have to do to install it on your device. So, follow the steps one by one to install it successfully on your mobile without encountering any issue.

Popular FAQs about Call of Duty Mobile

There are so many new players in this COD Mobile Mod APK, so they don’t have the concept of many things in the game. So, here we have shared all the concepts about hose things in the game. If you want to know a specified thing, and we didn’t mention it, then let us know in the comment below, we will add it here below.

What is CP in CODM?

What are COD Points?

CP means COD Points/ Call of Duty Points. It is an optional currency in the game, with this currency you can make purchases in the game. How to get it? You have to pay real-world money to Activation from the store in the game to buy CPs.

In fact, you can use this CP to buy various items in the game including gun skins and weapons experience cards to level up weapons. To buy CP, go to the store and tap on the CP icon. In COD Mobile Mod APK you will get unlimited CP!

What are Credits in COD: Mobile?

What are Credits?

Credits are one of the currencies in the game, which can be earned without spending money. You can earn it by playing multiplayer and battle royale matches. Credits can be used to purchase various items from the store, including weapons, crates, soldiers, etc. You will get unlimited Credits for free in the COD Mobile Mod APK.

What are Crates in COD Mobile?

What are Crates?

Crates can be used to earn weapons and skins in the game. You can get so many things including weapons and other things from premium crates. However, you can use this crate to get premium things by opening it. You can earn it from daily login rewards, or by participating in the events. In the COD Mobile Mod APK, you don’t have to spend money to do so!


You should download the COD Mobile Mod APK now from our website. However, it is wise to play the original version of the game, as it is risky for players. Even hackers got banned, so you are a newbie in hacking the CODM.

So, you should use VPNs and Guest account to play the hack mod, it will keep your main ID secure. You should also like our FB Page to get the latest info from our website!

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