How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Android?

Today we are going to discuss How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Android. Google has now added dark mode to so many Android apps. If you have been using Android by now prior to the Android Lollipop forgive, you might recall the Holo UI which embraced a dark gray background and blue accents. With Lollipop, Google adopted Material Design, which swathed every single one UI later than a thick, flat jacket of white.

Now, as OLED and AMOLED panels profit cheaper and more widely accessible, Google will come happening to take into account the maintenance for users the opportunity to tilt the lights off taking into account the upcoming Android Q.

While you will have to take steps apart from your habit through the Android Q Developer Preview in order to toggle the system-broad dark theme, Google is already experimenting when individual dark modes inside certain apps.

One of these is Google Chrome, which conventional a dark mode regarding Android once than observations 74 and if you regarding pleasant to attempt it out, there are some basic steps to follow.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Android?

  • Click on your Chrome Address bar.
First of all, you have to type “chrome://flags” in your Chrome address bar. Then you will see a settings page in the browser.
  •  Locate the search bar.
In the search bar under the Chrome flags, type “Android Chrome UI dark mode” and make the search. You may see the option before typing the full phrase!
  • Find the default option.
Now then tap on the “default” titled option of Android Chrome UI dark mode and “enable” the option.
  • Relaunch your Chrome browser.
After that, you will be prompted to relaunch the app, tap on the “Relaunch Now” to relaunch Google Chrome.
  • Go to settings.
After relaunching you have to go to the “Settings” of Chrome. And find “Themes”. After that toggle the dark mode on by tapping on the “Dark”! If you don’t find the option then “Force Stop” chrome and launch again!
  • Select your desired option to enable the dark mode (automatic/manually).
After all, Chrome will be in dark mode. You may also select the “System default” to enable the dark mode when your mobile battery saver or night mode is on!

That’s all you have to do to make Google Chrome for Android dark. You should follow all the steps above to do this. By following the above process it will not have any effect on the website content that will remain the same. To make the website content also in dark mode follow the process below!

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How to Enable dark mode in the content area of Chrome?

1. Again enter “Chrome://flags” in your Chrome address bar.

2. Search for “Android web contents dark mode” and enable it!

3. After that, tap on the “Relaunch Now” button and relaunch your Google Chrome Android!

After doing all the steps then you will see your Chrome totally in dark like the image above! If you want the light mode (default) of Chrome again do the same process and set the “default” of web content dark mode option.


You can easily enable the dark mode in Chrome android. Follow all the steps above to complete the procedure. Both processes should be followed in order to make Google Chrome Android fully dark.

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