How to Earn Diamond on IMO in 2019? Get Diamonds for FREE!

How to Earn Diamond on IMO in 2019? Get Diamonds for FREE!

Recently IMO app got updated by its developers. Now, all users can Earn Diamond on IMO from their account. These diamonds can be used to recharge their mobile account. If you already updated the app you will find available diamonds in the top of IMO app. Now, we are going to describe the Diamond Earn System in IMO.

Now, you can’t buy Diamonds on IMO app. So, how to Earn Diamonds on IMO? The answer is simple, you have to earn it by doing some works in IMO like video sharing! IMO users need to go to live to earn and collect the diamonds. Please note that these diamonds are not for real-life use, these are virtual and can only be used to recharge mobile accounts.

What is Diamond in IMO?

The diamond in IMO is the same as coins in games. These diamond can be redeemed to recharge your mobile account. Generally, IMO app recommends its users to recharge their mobile number associated with IMO. So, earn diamond by using the IMO app and going to live and watching videos. To earn more diamonds continue reading this post.

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How to Earn Diamonds on IMO?

Tips to Earn Diamond on IMO

If you want to Earn Diamond on IMO for free. You must have to follow some easy steps. Just, Follow our guidelines and get diamonds on IMO for free.

  1. Download or Update IMO app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Create or Login to your IMO account.
  3. Go to Live.
  4. Try to attract people to join on your live video.
  5. Collect the Diamonds on IMO for free.

these are the quick tips about getting diamonds in IMO app for free. You should follow these tips to earn more diamonds on IMO quickly and for free.

How to Earn Diamond on IMO?

The New features given in the update to IMO is Live. You can go to live and can also view others live if they already in. To Earn Diamonds on IMO you have to update the app from the Google Play Store. After the update, you will find there a new option, which will take to live.

When you go to live most of your friends and other peoples will join your video to see what you are sharing today. So, you have to show something that attracts people most! The more people join your video the more diamonds you earn.

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