How to Enable Dark Mode in Messenger?

Now, the Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger is now available to use. The dark mode comes in the new update of Messenger. You may be looking for How to Use Dark Theme in Messenger?

There are two different ways to use this feature. First, this feature of FB Messenger was hidden but now it is visible to everyone! All you have to do is follow our instructions. Here you will learn how to enable or disable dark theme in messenger!

Now, anyone can enable this on their phone after reading the post clearly!

How to Set Dark Mode in Messenger?

There are two different ways to use the dark theme in Facebook messenger at night. Although you can use this in the daytime, using it at night will be wiser!

Messenger Dark Mode from Settings

Here are some steps that will help you to set the dark mode in messenger! You can enable the dark theme from settings in FB messenger!

  • First of all, open the messenger app on your Android device or iOS device.
  • You will see an option in the top-left corner of the messenger app showing your Facebook profile picture. You should tap on it.
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How to Enable Dark Theme in Messenger?
  • Now you will be on another page inside the FB messenger app. And find an option titled as the dark mode!
  • Look for the ‘Dark Mode’ option below your profile picture!
  • You may notice that the ‘Dark Mode’ option is disabled, enable it.
  • Once you have enabled it, the app will remain in dark mode until you disable it.

Here is a picture showing the original messenger mode (light mode)! After enabling it becomes dark! The red mark placed in the picture below is the dark mode option!

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How to Use Dark Mode in Messenger?

That’s how you can use the dark mode feature in Facebook messenger app on Android or iOS!

Set Dark Mode in Messenger by emoji

Not only the dark mode can be used from settings but also from the emoji! Sounds funny right? It’s true that it can be enabled by sending an emoji! Here’s how someone can do it –

  • First, send an emoji of a moon to anyone from the messenger. The moon emoji must be a half shaped moon.
  • The moon emoji is this one “🌙”.
  • Now start clicking on the emoji that you have just sent!
  • Start tapping on it repeatedly until the dark mode option appears in the screen from the messenger app!
  • The option will pop up below the app, click on the option and messenger will automatically turn into the dark mode.

This was the last method of setting the dark mode in the messenger app. Both Android and iOS users can do it.

How to Disable Dark Mode in Messenger!

When it’s daylight you don’t need the dark theme of the FB messenger. Nothing but you need to do the same work again to disable the dark mode. We have written it below!

  • Click on the FB profile picture again that is showing in the top-left corner of the FB Messenger app.
  • It will lead you to the profile menu in the messenger app.
  • Find the ‘Dark Mode’ option in the messenger (below the profile picture) and tap on it to disable the dark theme.

That is the way How to Disable Dark Mode in Messenger! This is the only process to disable it, otherwise, you can not do it!

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