HSC College TC Application Process in 2019! Get the TC now!

HSC College TC Application Process in 2019! Get the TC now!

HSC College TC Application process has been started. You can apply for your TC from your current college to another college via online! But the main problem is you don’t know the process. So, here we are going to discuss the HSC College TC Application and will share all the necessary steps to complete the transfer certificate application.

It is not a difficult process as you are thinking! It is one of the easiest processes of an application to the education board online. Just follow all of our guidelines, and make sure you have followed all the instructions one by one and didn’t miss a single line!

HSC College TC Application

The student will fill out the TC form correctly and click on the “Submit your application” button and print the slip for Sonali Seba. After submitting the TC application, the institute will be able to see and approve it first. The admission institution will then view the application and upon approval, the student will receive an SMS to submit the board fees. The student will then receive another SMS after final approval of the application by the board.

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HSC College TC Application

Then he will enter the website of the board and print the order of TC from e-TC and enter the new establishment. You can see where the application is located and by clicking on the Transfer Certificate Status button, roll, registration, and security code to print the Sonali Seba slip.

How to Apply for HSC College TC Application?

Follow all the rules below and submit the form to complete the application process online. Here we wrote this content in easy words. SO, don’t worry start following this post and do the process!

  1. First visit the official TC application website of the Dhaka education board, which link is www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd.
  2. Now, enter the information as per instructions. Don’t miss any step and follow all!
  3. First of all, select the “TC Class” to “TWELVE”.
  4. Select your “SSC Passing Year” from the drop-down list.
  5. Enter your “SSC Reg. No.”, which means enter your SSC Registration Number.
  6. Input your “SSC Roll” number in that form!
  7. After that, enter your “Mobile Number”, use your own mobile number, because there will be an SMS sent to your mobile number with a PIN code.
  8. Now, select the “TC Institute” name, the institute you want to get transferred!
  9. After that, tick the “Cause of TC” (e.g. পিতা/মাতার বদলি; বাসস্থান পরিবর্তন; যাতায়াত সমস্যা; আর্থিক অস্বচ্ছলতা). You can tick multiple options here.
  10. In the End, Click on the “Submit your application” button.

That’s all you have to do to submit your application. But it is not the end you have to do something more! Follow below instructions to get necessary documents for the Transfer Certificate!

  1. Click on “Print transfer certificate information” to print the TC from online, or you can download it as a PDF file and print it from somewhere else.
  2. Now, click on “Print Sonali Seba Slip” to print out the Sonali Seba Slip. It will be needed to pay all the fees for the TC in Sonali Bank.

That’s all you have to do to complete your application. Now go to your current institution and get the confirmation of TC, then go to the TC college and confirm your registration there. After confirming from both of the institutions pay the desired fees by the education board and get transferred to another college.

IF you still have some question then feel free to contact us by submitting a comment below, or contacting us directly! visit our website to learn this process, as many time as you need!

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