HSC Result 2020 by App | Check with Android & iOS app

HSC Result 2020 by App, HSC Result 2020 by Android App, HSC Result 2020 by iOS App

The HSC Result 2020 by App published! On the result publishing day, checking the HSC result becomes so difficult. Now, you can check your HSC Result 2020 by Android App & HSC Result 2020 by iOS App. Students face so many problems to check their results online on the result publishing day!

So, they need to find another way of checking the result faster. However, here we are describing the alternative way to check the result online which is using an Android app or an iOS app. We have instructed all the methods of checking the result by an android app.

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone most of them are Android but some of the users use the iOS device! So, here today we are providing the instructions about HSC Result 2020 by iOS App. Here we have instructed all the necessary steps that will help you to find your HSC Exam Result by App. You just need to download an iOS app of results from the App Store.

HSC Result 2020 by Android App

Checking the result by using an android app is the quickest way to check the result online. You will find many apps on the Play Store but you should use our Android app. We have created an app to check the HSC Result. To check your result by the android app you have to follow some necessary steps.

We have described all the needed information which is important to check the result. Follow our instructions to get the HSC Result by App. The process is listed here below with all the necessary things. Learn More about How to Check HSC Result 2020 by App.

How to Check the Result via Android App?

You should the steps below to get the HSC Result 2020 by App. The App link is given here, click on the link to start downloading it.

  1. Download the App. Click Here to download.
  2. After completing download Install the app.
  3. Open the App on your device.
  4. And click on “HSC / Alim”.
  5. After it, click on the “HSC Result” button.
  6. Select the “Examination” as “HSC/Alim/Equivalent”, this is for HSC exam.
  7. Now, select the exam passing “Year”.
  8. After that, choose the education “Board” from the drop-down box.
  9. Now, select the “Result Type” as the “Individual Result”, it will bring the result individually.
  10. Enter your HSC “Roll” number.
  11. Type your HSC “Registration (optional)” number.
  12. Type the “Security Key”.
  13. Click on the “Get Result” button.

That’s all you have to follow to get your HSC Result 2020 by Android App. It is one of the easiest ways to get the result.

HSC Result 2020 by iOS App

First, you need to download the iOS App of HSC Result and install it. After that, you have to follow some simple important ways to get the result. There will be a lot of apps about the result but you have to download the best one which follows our guideline.

We are sorry to say that we didn.t made any iOS app to check the result but we have an Android app for checking the result. So, you should download the app from App Store, if we make any app of result for iOS then we will give its link here on this post.

How to Check the Result via iOS App?

After getting everything ready you should follow the instructions below to get your result quickly.

  1. Download the iOS App from here! Download Now!
  2. Open the app and wait until it is completely loaded.
  3. Now, click on the “SSC/JSC/HSC/Equivalent Result”.
  4. After that, select the Examination as “HSC/Alim/Equivalent” from the list.
  5. Choose your exam passing “Year”.
  6. Select your education “Board”, it must be your regional education board.
  7. After that, select the “Result Type” to the “Individual Result”.
  8. Enter the “Roll” number.
  9. Input the “Registration” number, which will be optional some time will be necessary.
  10. Type the “Security Key”.
  11. Click the “Get Result” title button.

After following all the steps above you will get your result immediately from the iOS app. The HSC Result 2020 by App checking process is fully described above. Make sure you have read it and followed totally or you will not get the result.


You should follow all the instructions given here to get the result using an Android or an iOS app. Also, like our Facebook Page to get the latest information about the exam results.

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