Check HSC Result 2020 by SMS: All Boards | HSC/Alim result – Easy Processes

This is the most popular alternative for the students to check their HSC Result 2020 by SMS & Alim Result 2020 by SMS. All the students suffer to check their results online on the result publishing day. The official website gets too much traffic so the server gets down. As a result, checking the HSC Result online became difficult.

So, it is wise to check the HSC Result 2020 by Mobile SMS. This process costs a little amount of money, but it is one of the fastest and the easiest ways to check the result. You need to send an SMS to the 16222 number to see your HSC & Alim result. To check your result via SMS, follow the instructions below.

HSC/Alim Result Publish Date

The result of the HSC & Alim exam will be published very soon. The exam has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The result may be published on 31 December 2020.

After the publication of the HSC Exam Result 2020 by SMS and Alim Exam Result 2020 by SMS, you can check your result. Follow the result checking guide provided here below.

HSC Result 2020 by SMS

To check the HSC Result 2020 via SMS, you need to spend 2.44 Taka. It will be charged from the phone number that you used to send the SMS. After sending the message, you will receive a message from the board with your result. Let’s see the SMS format.

For General Education Board:

HSC <space> First three letter of the Board name <space> HSC Roll number <space> Passing Year

Example: HSC DHA 123456 2020

For Technical Education Board:

HSC <space> TEC <space> HSC Roll number <space> Passing Year

EXAMPLE: HSC TEC 123456 2020

From the format shared above, we learned that the message format for the “General Education Board” and the “Technical Education Board” are slightly different!

This means HSC Vocational Result 2020 by SMS & HSC Exam Result 2020 via SMS have two formats. You need to follow one of the formats provided above to see your result through SMS.

Alim Result 2020 by SMS

If you are a student of the Madrasah education board, follow the SMSM format provided here below. This procedure also costs 2.44 BDT from the phone that requested to see the result. Follow the format below and send the message to the 16222 number.

Alim Result SMS format:

HSC <space> MAD <space> HSC Roll number <space> Passing Year

EXAMPLE: HSC MAD 123456 2020

That’s the message format to check the Alim Exam Result 2020 by SMS. Both HSC & Alim result checking SMS format is provided in this post. So, every board students can get their result by sending a mobile message.

How to Check the HSC Result via Mobile SMS?

You should follow the steps below to check your HSC Result 2020 by SMS and Alim Result 2020 by SMS.

  1. Firstly, open your mobile message option.
  2. Secondly, write a message in the format below.
  3. At first, type “HSC” and give a space.
  4. Then, type the “first three letters of your board name” and give another space there.
  5. Now, input your “Roll Number” and give a space.
  6. Type the exam passing year (it should be “2020”).
  7. After writing the message, send it to the “16222” number.

After a moment, you will get a message from the “16222” number. The message will contain your Grade Point and Grade Letter only.

Board Wise HSC Result 2020 by Mobile SMS

Additionally, we gave the education board name’s first three letters. Check out the table below and know the shortcodes of every education board in Bangladesh. Also, check out all board result checking system via mobile message.

Sl. No.Board NameFirst Three Letter
01Dhaka Education BoardDHA
02Chittagong Education BoardCHI
03Comilla Education BoardCOM
04Dinajpur Education BoardDIN
05Jessore Education BoardJES
06Mymensingh Education BoardMYM
07Rajshahi Education BoardRAJ
08Sylhet Education BoardSYL
09Barisal Education BoardBAR
10Technical (Vocational) Education BoardTEC
11Madrasah Education BoardMAD

HSC Result 2020 by SMS Dhaka Board

HSC Result by SMS Dhaka Board is provided here. Follow the instructions that are provided here above to check your result via a mobile message from the Dhaka board. Just type “DHA” in the board name code place, the rest is the same.

HSC Exam Result 2020 by SMS Chittagong Board

Here we are going to share the procedure for checking the Chittagong Board HSC Exam result via mobile message. You just need to add “CHI” in the board name field. The procedure for checking result is provided here above. Follow that process and get the result.

HSC Result 2020 by Mobile SMS Sylhet Board

The result checking system for the Sylhet board via mobile message is also available in this post. Follow the process added above and get the result. Just type “SYL” in the board name area. And do as instructed here above.

HSC Result 2020 by SMS Jessore Board

In the board name option, type “JES” and follow the instructions added here above. Then send the message to 16222 number. This way you will be able to see your result via mobile SMS from the Jessore education board.

HSC Exam Result 2020 by Mobile SMS Barisal Board

Not to mention, the Barisal board is also included in this system. Following our guidelines provided above, you can get your result from the Barisal board by sending mobile SMS. Type “BAR” in the board name field and follow further instructions.

HSC Result 2020 by Rajshahi Board

There’s nothing more that you need to do to get your Rajshahi board result via mobile message. You just need to add “RAJ” in the board name field in the message format. That’s it, now follow the rest of the instructions listed in this post.

HSC Exam Result by SMS Comilla Board

Checking the HSc Result Via Mobile SMS from Comilla Board is the same as checking results from all other education boards. You just need to replace the board name field with “COM” and need to follow the instructions provided above strictly. You will get your result in no time.

HSC Result via SMS Dinajpur Board

Yes, you can also check the Dinajpur board’s result via mobile SMS. You should type “DIN” in the board name field and send it to the 16222 number. But before you do so, read the instructions provided here above.

HSC Result 2020 by SMS Mymensingh Board

Mymensingh board HSC exam result can also be checked through mobile SMS. YOu should rea=d the instructions listed above and follow it. But in the board name area, use “MYM” and send the message t the 16222 number. That’s the difference.


In this post, we provided the SMS for checking the HSC Result 2020 by SMS and Alim Result 2020 by SMS. You must follow the guide provided here, or you will not be able to get your result. Make sure you typed the message correctly! If you need help, submit a comment below.

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