Get HSC Result 2020: All board | HSC/Alim Autopass result!

HSC Result 2020 Online and Alim Result 2020 Online are now available here. Today we will talk about the procedure of checking the HSC exam result online. The HSC & Alim exam has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ministry of Education announced that the HSC/ Alim/ Equivalent examination will not be held this year. And their results will be given based on the results of their JSC and SSC examinations result. Recently, the Ministry of Education also announced that the result will be published in December 2020.

If you want to check your result online, then follow the procedure provided in this post. It is good to check the HSC Result & Alim Result via the online method in this COVID-19 situation.

HSC Result 2020 Online

If you want to check your HSC Result Online, you have to follow some instructions provided in this post. Getting the HSC Result online is one of the easiest processes. This year all the colleges will be closed, so you must have to use the online method to check the result.

If you are curious about your outcome of the HSC examination, you should follow the instructions. Some students already calculated their results using their JSC & SSC exam’s grade point. You may have already know your result, but it is wise to check the result after the publication.

You can also check the result directly from the government website, which is Interestingly, we described the procedure of checking the HSC result using the gov. website.

Alim Result 2020 Online

This year a lot of Madrassah board students participated in this examination. But the exam has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We described the procedure of checking the Alim Result 2020 Online. Follow the instructions provided right here below.

The Alim Result 2020 is also known as the HSC Result 2020 Madrasah Board. The official result checking website link is The official website of the madrasah board is –

HSC Result Publish Date

HSC Result Publish Date: 28 January 2021

Recently the Ministry of Education announced, the HSC & Alim result will be published on 28 January 2021. Though it is not confirmed, teachers are talking about the HSC Result 2020 Publish Date. Here we will list the latest news about the publication of the HSC/ Alim result.

If you have any questions regarding the publish date of the HSC exam result, submit a comment below. We will try to help you and answer your questions. Soon the Ministry of Education will officially announce the exam result release date.

How to Check HSC Exam Result Online?

Here you will find all the important information that you need to check the HSC Exam Result 2020 Online. Follow all the procedures below to get the result faster from online.

  1. First, visit the website.
  2. First, select the “Examination” option, it should be “HSC/Alim” or “HSC (Vocational)”.
  3. Set your exam passing “Year” to 2020.
  4. Select your education “Board” from the list.
  5. Type your “Roll” number.
  6. After that, type your “Reg: No.” (Registration Number).
  7. Now, verify yourself as a human (solve the math provided on that website).
  8. After all, click on the “Submit” button.

How to Check Alim Exam Result Online?

You should follow our guidelines below check your results directly from the online.

  1. First of all, visit the official website, which is
  2. Now, select your “Examination” to “HSC/Alim” from that form.
  3. Select your exam passing “Year” from the options.
  4. Set your education “Board” to “Madrasah”.
  5. Enter your Alim exam “Roll” number.
  6. Also, enter your Registration number in the “Reg: No.” field.
  7. Solve the math on that website to prove yourself as a human.
  8. After all, you have to click on the “Submit” button.

HSC & Alim exam Result by SMS

HSC exam result can also be checked through the mobile SMS process. Here we are also describing that process in order to help students find their results easily. Most of the students try the online method but the SMS method is the fastest of all. You should check out the HSC result by mobile SMS method.

Alim & HSC exam Result via App

If you have an Android phone, then you can check your result using your mobile. You should read the article on how to see the result by an app. This article will help you learn how to check the HSC Exam Result 2020 online.


You check the HSC Result 2020 Online & Alim Result 2020 Online from our website. We described the full guide on how to check the result online. If you need help checking your exam result, then submit a comment here below. We will try to help you get your result. But don’t ask us to check the result for you, you have to do it on your own!

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