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HSC Routine 2020 has been published! Get it Now!



HSC Routine 2020 has been published! Get it Now!

HSC Routine 2020 has been published on August 28, 2019. This is the most important exam for the students of Bangladesh. After passing this exam students can get admission to the University. As the exam is coming near, they have to read more attentively and they need a time table for the exam with dates.

So, the education board has recently published the HSC Exam Routine 2020 on its official website. We have brought the HSC Routine 2020 on our website. You can download the routine from below as PNG, JPG, and PDF.

HSC Routine 2020

According to the HSC Routine, the exam is going to be started on the 1st of April, 2020. And will end on 13th May 2020. There is not enough time to waste for the students of HSC. They have to study carefully and make a good result. The routine fo the HSC exam of this year is given below.

According to the HSC Routine of 2020, the exam is going to be started on the 1st of April 2020 and it will end on May 4, 2020. It was the information about theoretical exam dates of the HSC. And the Practical exam dates of the HSC are 5th of May 2019 to 13th of May 2019!

HSC Routine 2019 PNG Download

The HSC Exam Routine 2019 PNG file is given here to download. You can click on the image to download it directly from our website. The routine is given below.

HSC Routine 2020, HSC Exam Routine 2020

HSC Routine – Part 1

HSC Routine 2020 PNG, HSC Exam Routine 2020 PNG

HSC Routine – Part 2

HSC Routine 2020 PDF, HSC Exam Routine 2020 PDF

HSC Routine – Part 3

Click on the images above to start downloading the image.

HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download

You should download the routine as a PNG from the above, or you can also download HSC Routine as a PDF file from the button below. PDF is safer than the PNG file as PDF can not be deleted from your image gallery. The routine is given below as a PDF file.

HSC Exam Routine 2020 PDF Download

You can download it or you can see it on our website as many times as you want! After the exam, you also need to check your result, get your HSC Result 2020 here!

DIBS Routine 2020

The DIBS Routine 2020 is also available here on this website! Remember that, DIBS Routine and the HSC Routine are the same. You don’t have to look for a sperate version of the routine! Download the HSC exam routine from above to get the HSC & DIBS routine.

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