Is FaceApp safe for using?

Nowadays, everyone using this app for entertainment! The app makes your face looks 30 years older or younger. People of all ages now using this FaceApp and sharing their older or younger looking face to the social media for entertainment. So, Is FaceApp Safe to Use?

Is FaceApp Safe to Use?, Is FaceApp Safe For Using

What is FaceApp?

In this case, it is now becoming one of the viral apps around the world! You may know that already about 150 million peoples downloaded the app and making fun! The FaceApp is a Russian based company. They used some high methods like artificial intelligence and facial recognition in this app. So that your image looks real!

Is FaceApp Safe to Use?

The world top news source showed us that the app is not safe. It may take your information from your device like Credit Card information, Passwords, they can modify, publish, adapt, publish, distribute, translate on your information! Without giving any notice they can take all of your information that is stored on your device!

Security experts around the world declared the app as an unsafe app.

You may have questioned in your mind why am I talking against the FaceApp? Right? Although you are n0ot giving any permission to this app besides only your storage permission! But they can take all your pieces of information if you install their app.

We are not talking about this without knowing it! We experimented on it and we also found so many prove about what we are saying here! We strongly recommend you to don’t use this app. It is for your own safety you shouldn’t use it.

You may also use the app if you want, we are not forcing you to not to use the app but recommending!

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