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5 Best Lightweight WordPress Themes



The faster your website loads, the more visitors you get. Nowadays, everyone has a strong internet connection and they want websites to load faster, and you need Lightweight WordPress Themes. The website takes more time to loads it loses its visitors. So, you should also use a fast loading website and a good SEO score for rank on the top. By today standards, is a second is a lot of time to load a website.

So, here we have listed the Lightweight WordPress Themes that will make your website loads faster than average. No matter your website is a blog or an online store, it should load fast within a second.

Lightweight WordPress Themes

1. Neve | View Demo | Get it Here

Lightweight WordPress Themes, Fastest WordPress Themes

Neve Theme

Neve is an elegant theme made by ThemeIsle, which is quite colorful and catchy. If you want to create a project presentation or an attractive business site in a high-class mode then you should get this theme for your site. It has a clean coding which makes it the Fastest WordPress Themes, it has appropriate sizes for all the images it is using. It is optimized for Google AMP as well.

Neve’s mobile-first approach, compatibility with the AMP and the popular page-builders make the website more accessible. Neve is made for the freelancers or hobbyists who want to set up and customize the theme easily. It has both free and premium versions.

2. SociallyViral | View Demo | Get It Here

Lightweight WordPress Themes, Fastest WordPress Themes

SociallyViral Theme

SociallyViral theme is the Fastest WordPress Theme for blogs or news sites. It comes with a friendly design and it is one of the Lightweight WordPress Themes made by myhtemeshop. The theme is built to be fast, boost viral traffic.

It also offers great navigation, increases traffic, and to reduce site loading time significantly. If you want to focus on Search Engine rankings of your website content then it is the theme you are looking for! A premium version is also available for this theme.

3. Hestia | View Demo | Get it Here

Lightweight WordPress Themes, Fastest WordPress Themes

Hestia Theme

Hestia is a professional modern WordPress theme. It is fit for small businesses like restaurants, sports, medical shops, wedding planners, also for creative businesses, startup sites, online agencies and firms, corporate businesses, portfolios, WooCommerce supported, and many more. It is a stylish one-page theme, which is perfect for any kind of business. It also has great users experiences.

You should buy the premium version to get more options available for this theme.

4. MH Magazine | View Demo | Get it Here

Lightweight WordPress Themes, Fastest WordPress Themes

MH Magazine Theme

MH Magazine theme for WordPress is a clean, fully SEO optimized, modern premium magazine theme for WordPress for news sites. online magazines, editorial related projects, and blogs. You can customize the theme as per you like.

MH Magazine WordPress theme is one of the Lightweight WordPress Themes made by MHTHEMES. It is a perfect theme for SEO experts, Journalists, Editors, and bloggers who want to create an amazing website and want to publish awesome contents.

5. Astra | View Demo | Get it Here

Lightweight WordPress Themes, Fastest WordPress Themes

Astra Theme

Astra WordPress Theme is one fo the Lightweight WordPress Themes. It is highly optimized for performance and user experience. It requires less than 50Kb of resources, it is built by following the best coding standards, loads quickly within less than a second.

The Astra theme uses the Vanilla javascript instead of using the jQuery, which results in better loading speed. It has a responsive design, site blog layouts. The theme also supports WooCommerce settings, advanced typography options and many more.


You should use the Fastest WordPress theme to which is a feature of Lightweight WordPress Themes. There is a lot of websites which loads in less than a minute, why not yours. Also, fas loading is SEO optimized which helps your website to rank better in search engines.

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