PUBG vs Free Fire: Which one is better in 2020?

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PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are two popular third-person battle royale game. Both of these games are popular in the world. And it is common to start a debate about PUBG vs Free Fire!

Both games players clam as their game is best. So, which one is the best? In this article, we are going to compare both of these games!

PUBG vs Free Fire

If you want a endless short time action game, then Free Fire will be best choice. In this case PUBG does not win, becasue it consumes more 20 minutes in a single match. Where Free Fire only takes 10-15 minutes per match.

Also, PUBG Mobile battle royale held between 100 players where Free Fire battle royale held between 50 players! Both of the games are attractive. Now, let’s see the detailed comparison between these two popular games.

In this post, we will not promote or insult any game. We will just compare both of them, you must understand it.

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1: Downloads from Google Play Store

As we can see on Google Play Store, Free Fire has 500+ million downloads. And also it is now an editors’ choice app in Google Play Store. It is around 500 MB and can be downloaded easily in less time. So, players download it without sharing the app via third-party apps.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile has 100+ million downloads, also an editors’ choice app. PUBG Mobile is around 2 GB in download. So, players often share this app via third-party apps instead of downloading from the Play Store. So, it has fewer downloads than Free Fire from Google Play Store.

2: PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: Graphics

If we compare the graphics PUBG Mobile easily wins the comparison. Because PUBG Mobile uses Unreal Engine which is the best among PC gamers for realistic graphics. Which needs a stable internet connection and a medium to the high-end device. PUBG Mobile needs android v5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB of RAM.

Free Fire, in this case, does not win. Because it is more of an animated combat shooting game. It looks animated, which is basically good for low-end devices. Free Fire is created to support low to low-end devices. You can play it smoothly in a low-end device unless the ping is good.

3: Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile: Ping Rate

The time PUBG/ Free Fire takes for the action to travel the server and back to the user is called Ping.

PUBG Mobile has low ping rates because it needs a strong internet connection to play. Usually, the ping rate in PUBG Mobile mostly stands between 30 – 132 ms. But you have to play in the nearest server from your location.

Unlike PUBG Mobile, Free Fire lags in this case. Most of the players complain about the ping problem in Free Fire. Most of the players of Free Fire is from India, they face a lot of issues from ping rates. Free Fire is working to fix the ping problem.

4: PUBG vs Free Fire: Vehicles

Both of these games have multiple vehicles in the game. Check out the list of those vehicles that can be found in the game ion different maps and vehicles.

Free Fire Vehicles List:

Free Fire Vehicles List
Free Fire Vehicles List
  • Jeep
  • Motorcycle
  • Pickup Truck
  • Four Wheeler
  • Monster Truck
  • Amphibious Motorcycle
  • Sport Car
  • Golf Cart

PUBG Mobile Vehicles List:

PUBG Mobile Vehicles List
PUBG Mobile Vehicles List
  • UAZ
  • Dacia
  • Motorcycle
  • Motorcycle w/ sidecar
  • Mirado
  • Pickup Truck
  • Aquarail
  • Buggy
  • Mini Bus
  • PG-117
  • Tukshai
  • Snowmobile

5: Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile: Characters

Free Fire Characters
Free Fire Characters

Now, both of the games have multiple characters in the game. Unlike Free Fire, you can also customize your default character in PUBG Mobile. Previously PUBG Mobile doesn’t have multiple characters but Free Fire has it from the beginning. Both of the games are adding new characters in the game almost on every update. Free Fire has 28 Characters!

PUBG Mobile Characters
PUBG Mobile Characters

But Free Fire has advantages with the character, each character has it’s own special ability. On the other hand, PUBG Mobile characters don’t have any special ability. Now, in PUBG Mobile you can even play with other characters in the battleground as well as in the Evo ground. PUBG only has 4 special characters, and 2 default characters (male & female) but they can be customized as you like!

6: PUBG vs Free Fire: Battle Royale

In PUBG Mobile you have to survive in a battle of 100 players. Getting the Chicken Dinner is not an easy task in this game, you have to play carefully to win a match. Also, it takes 20 – 50 minutes to complete a match (based on map). Sometimes players face enormous fights if they start playing in a hotdrop area.

Unlike PUBG, Free Fire has 50 payers battle royale match. Usually, a match consumes about 15 – 20 minutes (based on gameplay). Players enjoy its quick gameplay and 50 enemies are a lot of enemies in a small area. So, most of the time players have to fight for survival and to win (Booyah)!


Both of the games are the best. As we can see both of the games has some unique features. So, that means it’s a tie, but keep in mind that, there should be no comparison between these two games. Because PUBG is PUBG and FRee Fire is Free Fire.

Gamers like these two popular games and they spend time on it more than they spend with their Girlfriend/Boyfriend! So, don’t fight for a game, fight in the game, and win the match! Let’s get the Chicken Dinner/ Booyah! And what for me? Which one do I like personally? Well, I play both of them?

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