SSC Result 2020 Online: Best easy ways to get the result!

SSC Result 2020, Dakhil Result 2020, SSC Result 2020 Online, Dakhil Result 2020 Online

Seeking How to Check SSC Result 2020? or Dakhil Result 2020? or SSC Vocational Result 2020? It has been published recently by the education board. There are two simple ways to get the SSC Result 2020 Online. This is the major and most popular method to get the result quickly. If you are looking for your result online you have to follow our guidelines that are listed here.

SSC is one of the major public examinations in Bangladesh.  There are nine education boards including the Madrasah board. All of the education board’s result checking system online is the same. So, you have to follow only one method to get your result. We have added the possible ways of getting the result quickly online.

If you are a student of the madrasah board, you can also check your Dakhil Result 2020 from our website by following the procedures below. Every student can their result from our website, but they have to follow all of our instructions. If you understand the procedure we provided here, you can easily check your results from our website.

When the result will publish?

When SSC Result 2020 will Publish?
When the SSC result will publish?

The SSC Result 2020 will Publish within 21-24 May 2020. Also, the Dakhil exam result will publish on the same date. This is an expected date, it can be changed anytime. As soon as the education board announces the date, we will add it right here. So, you should wait before publishing the result online. On the result publishing day, all students can check their results online.

The education board will announce the accurate SSC result 2020 publish date before three days of publishing the result. Usually, the result publishes within 60 days of the examination. If you try to get your result before that time, sure you will not find any result online and offline. SO, wait for the official announcement of publishing the result by the education board.

SSC Exam Result Online

SSC Result 2020, Dakhil Result 2020
SSC Result Online

The SSC Result 2020 via Online is the best way to get it. If you don’t know how to check the result online, you should read this article till the end. If you know the procedure you should click on the link below to get your result from our website instantly.

Checking the result online is the simplest way and hassle-free. If you go to your school to see the result, you may know the result but after trying so hard. So, it is better to check the result online. All you need is a reliable internet connection to reach your result.

Dakhil Result 2020 Online

Madrasah Board Logo
Dakhil Result 2020

You can also check your Dakhil Result 2020 from our website! You just need to follow all the instructions that are given below! The SSC result checking process and the Dakhil exam result checking process are the same. If you learn how to check the SSC result online, you can check the Dakhil result as well.

Dakhil exam is for the student of Madrasah, this exam is the equivalent level to the SSC in class 10. Now, the Dakhil result can be found online and you can get it directly from our website. Follow all the steps given below and get your result fast!

How to Check SSC Result 2020?

You should follow the steps below to learn How to Check SSC Result 2020 Online or How to Check Dakhil Result 2020. However, you should do the procedure by following these steps one by one. In fact, you can also check the result via mobile message system.

  1. First of all, you have to Click Here.
  2. After that, you will find there a form. Fill it up by following the procedure below.
  3. Select the “Examination” from the options. It must be selected to “SSC/ Dakhil”.
  4. Now, set the SSC exam passing “Year” from the list as well.
  5. Choose the SSC education “Board”, which you passed from. Madrasah students should select Madrasah.
  6. Enter your SSC or Dakhil “Roll” number.
  7. Also, enter your SSC or Dakhil “Reg: No”, it means you have to enter your Registration Number.
  8. There will be a simple mathematical question to stop spam. Answer the mathematical question.
  9. After all, click on the “Submit” button.

That’s the procedure to check the result online. You should follow and maintain our guidelines to get the result without having any problem. If you face any issue, after all, you may contact us. You can also do the same process using an android app.

Result by SMS

SMS Method
SSC Result 2020

Students can also check their SSC exam result through mobile message. So, if you are also looking for how to check the SSC result via SMS, then follow this article. We have an article about How to Check SSC Result 2020 by SMS, so read that post on our website and learn how to check the result of the Secondary School Certificate. But the online process is the most popular.

The SMS format is – SSC <space> First three letters of the education board <space> Roll Number <space> 2020. Then send the message to “16222” number.

The SMS will look like this – SSC DHA 123456 2020.

Result via Android App

Android app process
SSC Result 2020

You can also get the result using an android mobile app. With the app, you will be able to get the SSC result as well as the SSC mark sheet online. We also have an article on how to check SSC Result 2020 by Android App on our website. If you follow that article you will be able to check your result via an android app. It is another easy process, so don’t miss it. Just follow the article that we shared and learn how you can do it.

SSC Vocational Result 2020 Check Here

SSC Vocational Result 2020

If you are seeking the SSC Vocational Result 2020 or the SSc Result 2020 Technical Education Board, then you are at the right place. Here we have shared all the processes to check the Secondary School Certificate exam online. Students should follow all the procedure that is listed here, otherwise, they will not get their result.

All you have to do is follow the process given here above and easily check the result. In fact, you need to check your result then you must follow the process that’s it. However, you can also get the result via mobile SMS or Android app from our website.

SSC Exam Education Board list

How to Check SSC Result 2020?, How to Check Dakhil Result 2020?
How to Check SSC Vocational Result 2020?
SSC Result 2020 All Board

Here we have added all the education board names, these board’s results can be found online. All these education results checking processes is the same as the process mentioned above, so if you follow that procedure you will be able to check the SSC exam result online.

  • SSC Result Dhaka Education Board
  • SSC Exam Result Chittagong Board
  • Rajshahi Board’s SSC Result
  • Comilla Education Board’s SSC Result
  • Dakhil Result 2020 (Madrasah Board)
  • SSC Exam Result 2020 Sylhet Education Board
  • Jessore Board SSC Exam Result
  • Dinajpur Education Board Result of SSC
  • SSC Exam Barisal Education Board Result
  • Technical Education Board SSC Result
  • SSC Result Mymensingh Education Board

However, check the result of your education board here on this website. Follow all the procedures that are listed here above to get the result easily and fast.

SSC Result Dhaka Board

How to Check SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board?
SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board

Here we shared the process for checking the SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board as well as other education boards. So, follow the instructions listed here above to get your result easily. every information that you will need to get the result is listed, so follow all the instructions strictly. We also shared the SMS method along with the online result checking method.

The online method is already provided on this post above. If you follow all the instructions one by one, we are sure you can check your result. Most of the students don’t know how to check the result, so we instructed the process on this website for them. However, you can get your result from our website as well as the official result checking website.

SSC Result Chittagong Board

Chittagong Board Logo
Chittagong Board Logo

Now, today we are also going to share this process with the students, that they can also get their SSC Result 2020 of the Chittagong education board from our website. They should follow our instructions in order to get the result fast online. Above we shared the online method, SMS method, and android app method. Also, students can get their exam results with the full mark sheet.

SSC Result 2020 Mymensingh Board

SSC Result 2020 Mymensingh Board
Mymensingh Board Logo

Mymensing is the last education board established in Bangladesh. And they have a lot of students under their control. All of the students of the Mymensingh education board should check their SSC Exam Result as fast as they can. Because all of them need to know their result to know that, they have passed or not. So, follow our instructions without any second thought, you will get your result from our website.

Most of the students are searching on the inter about checking the result of the Mymensingh education board. If you are one of them, then don’t worry, follow this post immediately. If you do so, you will be able to get your result fast and easily.

SSC Result Rjashahi Board

Rajshahi Board Logo
Rajshahi Board Logo

Rajshahi education board is one of the education boards of Bangladesh, that is responsible for holding public exams. Yes, SSC is one of the public exams of them. today we are going to describe all the possible ways that can be followed to get the result online. It is an easy process, just try to follow our instructions, that way you can get it.

However, you have to do it on your own, we will just make things easier for you. A student is able to get his/her own exam result on his/her own. We shared all the procedures that you can follow to get the SSC Result 2020. There are three primary ways to get the result, all of them are listed above on this post.

SSC Technical Education Board

Technical Board Logo
Technical Board Logo

You may probably be looking for the SSC Vocational Result 2020, right? Yes, the SSC Result Technical Education board is the one you’re looking for because the Technical education board is called the Vocational. However, you don’t have to be afraid because you can do it on your own.

You only have to follow all of the instructions listed here below and need to obey those ones by one. In fact, the students who will try to get their SSC Vocational Result 2020 online will get it in no time. Because we provided the full procedure on this post above, it’s easy to understand.

SSC Result Jessore Board

Jessore Board Logo
Jessore Board Logo

Only a small number of peoples know how to properly get the SSC Result 2020 Online. But the thing they really don’t know is that they can learn it online. They can learn how to check the result online, they can follow all the procedures available online. But they don’t do it, because they are afraid that they can’t do it.

If you are a student it is your job to learn something that others can’t do, try following our instructions listed on this post and that’s it. This is the procedure of how you can get your result of the Jessore education board online.

SSC Result Barisal Board

Barisal Board Logo
Barisal Board Logo

Barisal Board’s SSC Result 2020 checking process is also described here. You should follow all the instructions given here on this post to get the result. Every student can check their exam results by following our guidelines that are listed on this post. However, read this post and try to understand the method fully.

Because we have already described how you can get your result from the education board’s official result publishing website. You just need to have an internet connection before you do the process. It is one of the easiest process of getting the result.

SSC Result Sylhet Board

Sylhet Board Logo
Sylhet Board Logo

You should follow our instructions one by one to get the result of the SSC examination of 2020 from our website. Because we have described the process about it on our website. You just need to follow the instructions carefully to get it. However, everyone must read this post to understand the procedure of getting the result.

SSC Result Dinajpur Board

Dinajpur Board Logo
Dinajpur Board Logo

A lot of students took part in the SSC examination in 2020. And all of them are looking for their SSC Exam Result 2020 Online. However, read the guidelines that are listed above on this post and get your result fast online. It is one of the easiest processes for getting the result online. Also, there is an SMS method and many other methods for checking the SSC result. Most popular of them are added on this post above, make sure you read them.

Final Words

Here we described all the necessary information that will be needed to check the SSC Result 2020 Online. If you didn’t understand the process then read this post once again to get the concept clearly. Also, like our Facebook Page to get the latest news about the SSC Result 2020 publish date and many more.

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