Subway Surfers Promo Codes Free 2021 – January (100+ free codes)

Subway Surfers Promo Codes 2021. 100+ working codes shared here for free. A lot of our visitors asking us to provide them Subways Surfers Free Promo Codes. So, here we are giving you 100+ working promo/ redeem codes. You can use these codes to get amazing rewards in the game, including characters, coins, and other special items.

All of the codes are new & active and everyone can use these codes. Subway Surfers players deserve these codes, they spend so many times on the game but get a small reward. So, we are sharing these Subway Surfers Promo Codes 2021 for free.

Subway Surfers Promo Codes 2021

Here we added 100+ working free codes that you can use to generate many rewards. Please don’t try to use more than one promo code, because other players may not get the chance to win rewards using the Subway Surfers Promo Codes as you. So, use only one code, and visit this website frequently to get the latest promo codes that we release.

Subway Surfers Redeem Codes List

2B28E9E5000 coins
MSEI3A4unlock a character
N9KF7IR7000 coins
UYC72H1unlock Tricky character
8L4I1P9600 coins
RE5DRD54000 coins
SSC9IYBrandom character tokens
9HZU4TU20x Fresh’s stereo
EGV28EP9900 coins
EKK8ZJH10x hoverboards
B70DG423000 coins
CR2BFXMa random amount of Spike’s guitar
XBT2JEM5x Trickys’ hat
0TW5197Super Mystery Boxes
OGK3BEY10000 coins
4RATDHGMystery Boxes
GQVH26Mrandom reward
BQTM6GTa random amount of coins
2ML3QN595000 coins
NOU7EI5new character unlock
GT485V8Mystery Boxes
PZBJ190500 coins
FF7NYZ3unlock Fresh character
6TFNB9Crandom rewards
ZVY7UCI5000 coins
Q4BMIYYSuper Mystery Boxes
US7I3GQ4000 coins
CWBERHAa random amount of coins
V7T816E10 keys
EV0TNJGMystery Boxes
Z4HL4UVrandom reward
KZAKHBT50000 coins
AK9SOCW5 keys
FCJOPPESuper Mystery Boxes
N4XBZTE2000 coins
2CAT7B850x keys
VMG8P88Mystery Boxes
2MQ6OLWrandom boxes
I04DX9TMystery Boxes
F9U558Na random amount of keys
K3YT3V910 keys
IYIBGUOrandom rewards
W77LZ746000 coins
0AL4WBT300 keys
85DMKU5Super Mystery Boxes
UJO43VIa random amount of keys
776UHC610000 coins
NJWKW74Mystery Boxes
JK6AS8Lrandom items
EUH9XJQcoin magnet
T3ZMTPP500 coins
RGWEAN1random rewards
6ERIXYR5x coins magnet
EZ54FOJa random amount of keys
NLJ289M4 keys
TUNJ0M9Super Mystery Boxes
RLIT4LM6 keys
LATKR329000 coins
TJRCR7O10x Tricky’s hat
W0HQ5K0Lumberjack hoverboard
SGXM35Yrandom rewards
HY3OZNDMystery Boxes
9GSS64Vsuper sneakers
3PBYEVKKitty hoverboard unlock
SMDHHQIa random amount of keys
N6OJ0OX500 coins + 5 keys
M55WNIPa random amount of coins
JRUW3SFKitty hoverboard
QK1TVQ06500 coins
Y3FUSKYMystery Boxes
MF5HX65Harumi character unlock
JYO9S0S5000 coins
X74ZWDAa random amount of coins
BZOHRRYrandom hoverboard unlock
9NTRGRB200 coins + 20 keys
6OVI51Iunlock Zombie Jake character
ALKQY2010 keys
Q19CCQ56000 coins
E3RE7Y6unlock Frizzy surfer
S0M8D0LMystery Boxes
ZZ7Q3OY50 keys
0M5Z8MNa random amount of keys
Y3AG5CUa random amount of coins
AKML51JDragon hoverboard
F5EYDCYunlock Carmen player
9L6T4EQ3000000 coins
I7APCJ1unlock Ming
O89GZ0Vget Dino character
AWR9XN4300 keys
56DVR3Q2000 coins
JF2UJ8FMystery Boxes
GJOVQDOEagle hoverboard
VHPQ3BQa random amount of keys
8SRP7PB150000 coins
O4EQB0Oa random amount of coins
56TL9COrandom reward

How to use these Subway Surfers Promo Codes?

It is very simple to use these Subway Surfers Promo Codes, just follow the steps below. See the images below to get the information clearly. Also, check out the Call of Duty Redeem Code.

  • First of all, open the game on your mobile.
  • Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Then, go to the “Main Menu > Settings” option and scroll below.
  • After that, find the “Promo Codes” option and click on it.
  • Copy a code from our website and paste it into the game.
  • Finally, click on the green color button (redeem button).


These are the Subway Surfers Promo Codes available right now. In fact, all of these codes work well and everyone can use these codes.

You should share this post with your friends to help them get a reward! If any of these codes don’t work, then it is already used. However, you have to visit our website frequently to get the latest codes for the Subway Surfers!

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  1. How to I get the actual promo codes feature and n settings please help I don’t have this option ?????

    Can someone please assist me in getting this option so it’s in my settings for subway surfers space station January 2021

    1. Every one has it just maybe click the pause button during a game and at the top right corner is the settings and it is in there

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