Top 10 Classic Motorcycles

Motorcycles are loved to ride by anyone! Not only cars but also motorcycles are classic. Nowadays, you will find a lot of motorbikes but which one of the real classic bike? So, here we have listed here the Top 10 Classic Motorcycles of All Time. Some of the motorcycles can be found in the museum or in Richman’s personal bikes collections.

Top 10 Classic Motorcycles

Top 10 Classic Motorcycles

We have gathered here a complete list of Top 10 Classic Motorbikes. This latest classic bike of this list is from 1985. So, the list is full of real classic bikes of all time.

  1. Harley-Davidson WLA (in 1940)
  2. Indian Chief (in 1947)
  3. BMW Slash 5 (in 1970)
  4. Henderson Excelsior Streamline (in 1929)
  5. Moto Guzzi V8 (in 1950)
  6. Honda Rebel (in 1985)
  7. Triumph Bonneville (in 1959)
  8. Velocette Viper (in 1955)
  9. BMW R32 (in 1923)
  10. Vincent Black Shadow (in 1948)

These are the Top 10 Classic Motorcycles. You may not find these bikes anywhere but in museums or in personal motorcycles collection.

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