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Top 10 Responsive WordPress Themes (2020)



Top 10 Responsive WordPress Themes, Top 10 Responsive WordPress Themes in 2019

Are you looking for the Best WordPress Responsive Theme for your website or blog? Nowadays, every blogger uses a responsive theme for their website to make a premium look to their website! However, it becomes so difficult to choose the best theme because of a lot of theme availability!

What is a Responsive WordPress Theme?

A responsive theme is designed to adjust automatically to the user’s device screen size. That means your website will look the same in mobile, tablet, and desktop versions.

In the last year, mobile devices made 52% of global traffic over the internet. More than half of the users use their smartphone to browse the internet. That means more than half of the visitors accessing your website using mobile devices!

Why you need a Responsive WordPress Theme?

If your website doesn’t fit the user’s device screen it may look ugly to the visitors, and they will leave your website as soon as they can! They may never access your website again.

Responsive websites not only improves the user experience but also it has a significant SEO advantage. Search engines like Google rank mobile-friendly websites higher in mobile search results, which will bring you more traffic.

Top 10 Responsive WordPress Themes

Here we are listing the Top 10 Responsive WordPress Themes in 2019 with an image and the link of these themes!

1. Divi | Demo & Buy

Diviv Theme Free Version
Divi Theme Review

2. Hestia | Demo & Buy

Hestia Theme
Hestia Theme Review

3. Astra | Demo & Buy

Astra Responsive Themes
Astra Theme Review

4. OceanWP | Demo& Buy

Ocean WP Theme
OceanWP Theme Review

5. Tusant | Demo & Buy

Tusant Theme for Free
Tusant Theme Review

6. Ultra | Demo & Buy

Ultra WP Theme
Ultra Theme Review

7. Prime News | Demo & Buy

44 Best Responsive WordPress Themes
Prime News Theme Review

8. Nozama | Demo & Buy

Nozama Responsive Theme
Nozama Theme Review

9. Responz | Demo & Buy

Responsive WordPress Themes
Responz Theme Review

10. The Traveler | Demo & Buy

The Traveler Theme
The Traveler Theme Review


Before getting these themes you should review the theme that how it looks in the mobile device and then buy it and use it for your website! We hope that this article helped you to find the best Responsive WordPress Theme for your website.

You should buy the original theme on their official website and don’t try to download these for free! If you like this article then please share this article! Like our FB Page to stay connected with us!

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