Upcoming Smartphones in Bangladesh 2020 (popular brands with price list)

Here you will find all the upcoming smartphones in Bangladesh 2020. Obviously, you will know all the features and specifications of those mobiles here on our website. No need to go anywhere to view the specifications of the smartphone.

Besides, you may review your desired smartphone here! Without a doubt, just click on the mobile phone name to get a review of the phone. Not to mention, you will find all the brands like Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, Sony, Google, Apple, Asus, etc.

All of the upcoming smartphones in Bangladesh 2020 review will be founded here on our website. The new smartphones list in Bangladesh 2020, as well as its picture, is added below.

Upcoming Smartphones 2020 in Bangladesh

Why the mobiles became available in Bangladesh so late?

The main reason is for late releasing the phones in Bangladesh is the shipment. There are so many problems that need to face by smartphone brands.

The company has to agree with the VAT, needs to sign an agreement with the government. Also, they need to supply their phones to Bangladesh. Although it’s costly to those brands but they income more than their cost money.

Upcoming smartphones in BD 2020 with pictures

Here is the list of upcoming mobile phones in Bangladesh with the smartphone’s picture. Whereas, You will see the mobile’s name with the full view of it!

Google Pixel 4a
Huawei Nova 7 SE
Huawei P40 Pro
OnePlus 8
OnePlus Nord
Oppo Reno 4 Pro
Realme 6i
Realme C3i
Samsung Galaxy A21
Samsung Galaxy A21s
Samsung Galaxy M21
Samsung Galaxy M31
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Vivo X50
Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra
Xiaomi Mi 10/ Redmi Note 10
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite
Redmi K30 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi K30 Ultra

Upcoming smartphones in Bangladesh 2020

This is the list of the Upcoming Smartphones in 2020 Bangladesh. Indeed, this is a shortlist and these mobiles are releasing in Bangladesh very soon.

Some smartphones are not listed here, because those are not officially confirmed. Those phones may not release in Bangladesh.


The smartphones listed above will be released soon and then you can buy these phones soon from your nearest smartphone store. There are more phones that are not listed above which will come to Bangladesh later. These are the latest Upcoming Smartphones in Bangladesh in 2020.

When those mobiles will be confirmed for Bangladesh, we will add those mobiles list above. But you can see those phone features on our website. These smartphones feature also available here! You can get the view of those smartphone features and specifications without delay.

Click on the phone name to see the features directly from our website at any time! However, these smartphones will release in the coming months. In addition to this, like our FB Page to learn more about it.

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