10 Best Website Page Speed Test Tools

Site Page Speed Test is one of the most important SEO sections. Website Loading Speed can rank your website higher, or can break your website. Most of the internet users like fast websites, as they have a faster internet connection. Increasing the Webpage Loading Speed will affect a dramatic change on your site.

Page speed improves the user’s experience of your site. In fact, most of the users wait about 4-5 seconds to load a website before they move away. So, a fast loading website is going to perform well than slow loading websites.

To determine your website’s page loading speed, you don’t have to sit by a computer with a stopwatch. Here we have recommended the best free Site Page Speed Test tools.

Top 10 Free Website Page Speed Test Tools

These tools always get updated, so the top 10 website speed test tools, will help you to determine your website page loading speed.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

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Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights isn’t going to provide a lot of data or suggestions. It also doesn’t suggest about page speed. It is not a true page speed testing tools, but it still has some reasons for checking out this Google built tool.

Website load test Google’s might matter than other tools results. That’s as a result of Google really creates the search rankings wherever you’re making an attempt to achieve traction. If a Google tool is finding issue along with your website performance, it’s a good plan to require that data seriously.

This tool is also easy to use. You just have to type or copy-paste your website address, wait for some seconds and you will see both mobile and desktop version of your site performance result.

2. WebPageTest

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WebPageTest site speed testing tool lets you check your website from more than 30 different locations. and also let you select more than 10 different browsers. It is one of the most trusted website speed testing tools available for free.

By this tool, users can create settings for each test for your website initiate. The WebPageTest tool can be configured to use a worldwide variety of different browsers and different locations. Users can also set order to perform multiple tests run on your site.

3. GTmetrix

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GTmetrix is one of the popular and best website speed test tools. This speed tester is straightforward.  You need to type your website address and hit the “Test your site” button to analyze your site speed.

The interface of GTmetrix is easy to use, and its design is easy to navigate. It will show the Performance Score number and give a grade about your site performance. It will also show your site page loading time, page size, and HTTP requests.

If you are not properly familiar with web development, you can determine the issues using this tool, whether the issue is mainly coming from your Javascript, CSS, or from the server.

4. Pingdom

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It is one of the popular and fast site page speed test tool. it has several options that most of the speed tester tools don’t have. It provides users with a nice mix and simplicity of options.

The Pingdom tool shows the Performance grade, Page size, Page load time, and Requests. It also recommends users to lookup for the issues that are making their website loading slower.

It’s current configuration let’s user to test their website from 7 different locations. You can check your website from a long or closest distance from your website’s geographic location.

The waterfall is additionally one amongst the simpler to browse among webpage speed testing tools, and therefore the data is lessened in an exceedingly manner that makes it easier to dig deeper.

5. Dotcom-tools

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We know most of the website page speed testing tools only let you check your website from one location. But the dotcom-tools site speed test tool lets you check your website performance from 25 different locations (7 continents).

You need to enter your website address and need to click on the “START TEST” button. You can also select which browser and platform you want to test your website. Also, you can select which location you want to check your website at once.

Knowing wherever most of your users truly come from, will assist you to contextualize information provided by the website speed test tool. Consider cross-referencing this information with data from Google Analytics.


The WEbsite Page Speed Test can show your website’s issues that are slowing down your site. You can simply find the issues and fix it to make your website SEO friendly and make your website loading faster.

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