5 Best WordPress Mobile Plugins for a Responsive Website!

In this age of technology, everyone browses the internet with their own device. In this year, 52% of internet users are users of mobile and mobile phone users are increasing over the year. In fact, mobile users are surpassing desktop users! The survey says that 66% of the website has lags of mobile interface design!

Having a mobile-optimized and responsive designed website is must when it comes more traffic and ratings! Today we are here with Best WordPress Mobile Plugins that will make the website look awesome on mobile devices! So, if you want to give your users a better experience then Best WordPress Mobile Plugins is a must.

Best WordPress Mobile Plugins

Here we have added the Best WordPress Mobile Plugins list that will help your website make mobile-friendly.

  1. WPtouch
  2. Jetpack by WordPress
  3. AMP for WP
  4. WP Mobile Menu
  5. WordPress Mobile Pack

1. WPtouch

Best WordPress Mobile Plugins
WPtouch WordPress Plugin

With the free version of the WPtouch plugin, your desktop website design stays the same but the mobile version of your website is changed top a stylish, fast, and user-friendly version, which made only for the similar website version of yours like in tablets, phones! With this plugin, you are able to complete this process without any coding.

The premium version of this plugin is available for those who want to improve their website features with better mobile themes and for incorporating advertisement into your mobile site. The premium version includes caching options, direct support from the WPtouch developers, and web font controls. The cheapest plan for this plugin starts from $79/year.

2. Jetpack by WordPress.com

WordPress Responsive Plugin
Jetpack WordPress Mobile Plugin

The theme only operates when it detects a mobile device, and it can override your current website responsive theme only if you want. The Jetpack mobile theme has a decent number of settings for making your website look better on the smaller screen devices.

This is a free feature from the Jetpack by WordPress. If you are planning to use some of the other features that come along with it. It almost looks like it has the basic WP branding but you can change its look to match your website. This plugin is one of the most reliable mobile interfaces. It’s fast, clean, and will make your website look better for both search engines and users!

3. AMP for WP

Best WordPress Mobile Plugins
AMP for WP Plugin

The AMP for WP plugin provides a mobile website for your current website. The full meaning of AMP is accelerated mobile page, pertaining to its speed and proficiency. It’s a powerful package that needs you to place in the least effort to switch your current non-responsive theme. Also, if you’ve got a responsive theme, it’s a decent plan to check to envision how quick it’s loading. If it’s not up to your standards, merely replace it with the AMP for WP plugin.

The particular core AMP for WP plugin is totally free. You receive all of the options in an exceedingly fast transfer from the WordPress plugin library. However, some components on a mobile phone don’t quite show up similarly in comparison to a desktop. It also has a premium version to access all the features of this plugin and the membership starts from $149/year.

4. WP Mobile Menu

Best WordPress Mobile Plugins
WP Mobile Menu Plugin

The WP Mobile Menu plugin is a great solution for those who want to make mobile menu part of the website looks great and responsive. It is so common that a responsive website has an odd-looking menu which is terrible! The mobile should have a smooth slide-in effect with icons, menu texts, and buttons which will make your website looks awesome.

They also offer control for the Google Fonts, naked headers, background images, and more. You can use it for free, also they have a premium version of with more features! The premium Professional version price is $6.99/month. They also have a WooCommerce version just at $9.99/month and finally, they have an enterprise version which will cost you $39.99.

5. WordPress Mobile Pack

Best WordPress Mobile Plugins
WordPress Mobile Pack Plugin

The free version of this plug has so many features and a simple setting process your mobile website! It tries to imitate the best it can, by promoting the users to save the mobile website to users home screen for later use! In this plugin, you are able to adjust the logo of your site, fonts, and colors all from your WP dashboard. You will get a default mobile theme also you will get six different cover pages that will make your website a fresh look.

This plugin also has the premium version more customization to your website mobile version. The pro version is this WP Mobile Pack starts at $99/year.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Mobile Plugin?

Not all plugins going to work for every situation. Likewise, some of them make only website mobile-friendly, some of them make mobile menus. So, follow the below content to choose the Best WordPress Mobile Plugin for your website.

  • If you want to turn your WordPress website into a mobile website – Install WPtouch or AMP for WP.
  • For creating a clean and fast mobile of your website – Try Jetpack by WordPress.com.
  • If you want to make your website mobile menu better and wat to keep your current mobile website – Go with the WP Mobile Menu.
  • To generate the mobile version of your website that will function similar to a full app – Use the WordPress Mobile Pack.

We hope that this article helped you to choose the best plugin for your website to make it mobile-friendly. If you like the article then please share it!

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